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The masturbation project

2008-01-11 21:22:58 by IThinkImDrunk

At 2:17 AM. That is to say friday night or saturday morning... I climaxed. I had a wank, a fap or whatever you wanna call it.

I intend however, to go where no man has never gone before.
I intend, from now to go for an entire week.
That's right, seven whole days...

Without any masturbation whatsoever.

I have no doubt this will be a difficult task, I became developed enough to produce and discharge sperm a few weeks after my 15th birthday. Since that time I have not gone so long without doing so.

I will be posting here everyday at least, perhaps moreso with my feelings... How much I miss it or feel like it, if I even do - perhaps this prolonged restraint will lead to giving it up altogether.
Only time will tell however.

Leave me messages saying whatever you want on this subject, messages of scorn, encouragement or advice will all be read and I will try to reply to as many as I can.
This will be a learning experience for us all I believe, I may suffer irreversible side effects, I am aware of this...

But... I will do it in the name of research.
I will do it again at 2:17 am in 7 days time, if indeed I feel the need to.
I will let you all know of the results, and as I said, you'll be getting daily updates so watch this space.
You will hear from me soon my friends.


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2008-01-11 23:48:42

I started when I was around 12.

Anywho, I once went 16 days without it. But when I went. Whoa. Awesome.

IThinkImDrunk responds:

Twelve? Jesus.
Maybe I just developed late haha.
I imagine you had fun on that 16th day ;)

I just woke up, no real desire to masturbate, as expected.
Not sure what I'll do tomorrow when I'm in and not really busy though.
The project continues.


2008-01-12 08:37:32

Wow like siriesily I am a 13 year old boy if you think i am lying that im too young why not use the human lie decetor because I am not an idot so who fucking cares about the spelling! So truth is iam 13 year old Martin Mac now leave me alone darn head

IThinkImDrunk responds:

What the fuck is a "darn head"?

Learn to spell please.


2008-01-12 09:25:16

I think I will follow your example. Not for anything moral or scientific...but because it ought to feel awesome when I do.


Also I'm not getting any.

IThinkImDrunk responds:

Me either haha.
Well check back if you wanna know what it feels like without actually doing it.


2008-01-12 09:26:52

I started at 11 because of NG.

IThinkImDrunk responds:

Good for you.


2008-01-12 10:24:16

You're inspired me not to fap for a good 4+ days now =)

'Cause it'll feel awesome when I do...

IThinkImDrunk responds:

I hope so, I wouldn't know haha!


2008-01-12 11:11:19

Official update number one:

It's 16:08 as I begin.
So far saturday has been shit because I was meant to goto town with a friend in the afternoon and pick a gig to go to in the evening.
Now my mate hasn't gone to town and BOTH, yes BOTH gigs have been fucking canceled, so here I sit, very bored and wondering what to do.

This is where the masturbation thing comes in, normally under these circumstances, that's what I would do, and I'm feeling the need already - damn that's kinda sad, is it? Ah well.
So right now it's ok, I can fairly easily control myself aslong as I can find something else to do, I've already played guitar hero 3 for about an hour so now I'm really stuck. I miss already. =(

Anyways, have a good day and leave a comment!


2008-01-12 11:52:41

I started to masturbate when I was 14, te longest time without masturbating has been one week, ONE FUCKING WEEK!!! I ALMOST DIE!!!!

IThinkImDrunk responds:

Oh dear, well the outlook is pretty grim for me then eh?
I have a bit of desire now but... it's very controllable, I'm not sure how I'll be feeling in 48 hours though...


2008-01-12 11:58:55

youre gonna feel like crap, a little bit of advise, stay away from porn and hot girls next door.

IThinkImDrunk responds:

There are tons of hot girls at my college haha.
Ah well, thanks for the advice...


2008-01-13 09:34:05

Official update number two:

It's 14:32 on sunday the 13th of January.
No plans for today, managed to salvage yesterday however and have some fun.
Really feel like doing it at the moment, think I'll go play some Counter Strike or something to take my mind off it.
It's the having nothing to do that's making the urge stronger, if I'm out, or doing work or something it's lessened.

Deary fuckin' me.


2008-01-13 18:07:47

Due to a lack of people caring I gave up, I can't arsed with this haha.
I failed after like... not long or something.