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"lol yr flash sukd"

2007-11-19 01:48:32 by IThinkImDrunk

This is for people to complain about how bad my first animation is.


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2007-11-20 15:00:05

yeah i guess it is worth submitting even if its not worthy but promise me that wehn u get pretty good ull delete that one (id do same thing but it does feel good knowing u have one submission not blammed)

IThinkImDrunk responds:

Scouts honor mate.


2007-11-21 17:42:23

I'm currently commenting YOUR comments on the reviews you got for that movie. The movie sucked, someone told you to stop wasting your time, which you should, and just because he made 1 mistake in typing, and because he doesn't have any submission himself, you go tough on him. Fuck you, people like you don't even deserve to be on NG. Next time, look at the level instead of the submissions... Yours wasn't even WORTH submitting.

IThinkImDrunk responds:

Responded on your blog page =)


2007-11-21 18:24:19

rofl now i bet ppl would change thier veiws about DONT WASTE YOUR TIME comments and stuff if they saw all thier favorite artists first ever flash

IThinkImDrunk responds:

Well yeah of course, but obviously people don't understand how difficult it is...

Ah well, they can say what they like I guess, thanks for a bit of support though heh.
Seeya round pal.


2007-11-23 17:24:27

thanks ass you are the biggest dumass from all

IThinkImDrunk responds:


What ??


2007-11-29 20:22:23

Random comment of the day!!

My whistle is slighlty better than your's Silver whistle for the win!!

IThinkImDrunk responds:

I had a silver one myself about a year ago....
Trying to work at getting it back.


2007-11-29 22:10:05

gawd i ahte morons when the reply to anything so what if he spent days watching several thousand movies a day and going through thousands of comments a movie to say there abusive

IThinkImDrunk responds:

Err, yup!



2007-12-02 09:47:52

your username is awesome and so is your flash. =)

(Updated ) IThinkImDrunk responds:

Aha well thank you my friend.
Perhaps leave a positive review?
You take it easy matey.


2007-12-02 12:20:05

That was okay. I laughed when i saw the "fin" at the end.

(Updated ) IThinkImDrunk responds:

I'm glad I could make you laugh then I guess - and that you enjoyed at least some of it =)
Leave a review if you feel so passionately, could use the extra points on it.
Take it easy =)


2007-12-08 19:11:17

Everyone sucks on their first animation. You gotta get started somewhere. Also, HAI JOSH!

IThinkImDrunk responds:

Your usage of my first name hints you may know me...
But as you're 32 and from Canada perhaps not, unless you're my old maths teacher, but he was in his 20's and that was only last year.
Perhaps you're just being informal, and that's fine =)

And thank you for your support, one day I may submit something else.


2007-12-09 11:10:48

Your profile message says your name is Josh. :-)

I'm not really in Canada, and Im about 10 years younger than my profile says right now.

My age and location changes like every week.

IThinkImDrunk responds:

Aha ok then, lying ftw!!

How old are you and where you really come from then eh?


2007-12-12 15:59:05

yay my powers back im back online for some thats a bad thing but whatever i hate storms

IThinkImDrunk responds:

I like them.
They make tasty, bangy noises! =)


2007-12-13 00:28:13

only bangs in this storm were power lines and transformers literally exploding 3 feet from my window at 3:00 in the morning then the flooding and the trees falling down


2007-12-13 00:29:41

o and dont forget after it was over i had 8 bleeding days of darkness and no power


2007-12-13 16:53:23

Fuck you you fuckin' cunt with gay guys.
(in brtitsh language)

IThinkImDrunk responds:

Heh, yeaaaah.


2007-12-17 13:03:28

rofl really CrazyShark70 dont curse you really suck at it you were looking for

Fuck you you fucking gay cunt

wow it surprises me how many people on newgrounds keep forgetting to wear their stupid sign


2007-12-17 13:04:22

oh and the british language is.. duh duh duh dah! English!


2007-12-18 20:53:32

i agree with that one guy i laughed when i saw "FIN" at the end but that was about it. I also liked your response to my reveiw! ;)

IThinkImDrunk responds:



2007-12-23 16:58:26

The best thing about that flash was the little red 'X' in the corner.. J/K. It was good for your first flash.. :)

IThinkImDrunk responds:

Ah fuck, I can't believe you've done this.


2007-12-24 02:26:33

congrats on private silver and lvl 20

IThinkImDrunk responds:

Ahahar thanks, I hope to go gold eventually, and level 21 is 11 days away...
Merry christmas.


2007-12-24 11:05:59

Lol on u ITID cause i put it for short from wat i ever do to u i am not leaving newgrounds u fagg

IThinkImDrunk responds:

You're too young to be here.
You can't spell.
You make stupid posts to the BBS.
Get off of newgrouds.


2007-12-24 15:41:09

dont frget he also cant put his words into a sentance correctly and make it make sense i cant uderstand a single word

IThinkImDrunk responds:

You have to pity those people haha.


2007-12-27 13:55:41

i think your drunk, my friend...

IThinkImDrunk responds:

Ah ok.
Well not currently.
Although I have a 12 pack left over from christmas.
I could be.
Do you WANT me to be?


2008-01-02 12:46:13

Just because i put in a survial guide dosen't mean u can't ask somone to leave that is very abuseive

IThinkImDrunk responds:

Learn to spell.


2008-01-03 22:13:06

you suck

IThinkImDrunk responds:

What a productive and insightful thing to say.


2008-01-04 18:37:35

rofl hardy boyz youa re not the virge of creativity yous ent that one to me if these ppl hate your animation so much why do they come to your profile and waste their time?

hmm well ym enw site crossed swords productions is being made almost done jan 11th you will be able to subscribe i gatta make enw flash ebcause my openings had my own site which accidently i thought up a name alredy being used damn o well they sucked anyway


2008-01-05 02:06:47

woot i done it i got my flash saved


2008-01-07 22:59:41

by all standards your pistol pwnage isnt the best but its got good score but my latest submission has toped it :) ive got my won series going how r u doing a tflahs anyways?