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A bit of poetry for you all!

2007-10-16 17:50:10 by IThinkImDrunk

Guess what it's about, if you're correct I'll tell you =)

How can one race without a track?
Should they rely on mercy's grin?
Loves lost labors on his back.
A sickness curdles deep within.

Smiles cultivate a liars thought
Could you, sweet, guess what I mask?
Mistrust and worry so very fraught
You cannot do what I don't ask.

Allow me time to you, regard
As you wait, scream, terror sound
Forewarned that this game is hard
Dragged mercilessly, my heart you're bound.


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2007-11-01 19:22:55

we buy NoOb

IThinkImDrunk responds:



2007-11-10 09:50:24

*cough* EMO*cough*

(Updated ) IThinkImDrunk responds:

*cough* 13 year old fag on newgrounds who doesn't read just posts blindly, has no friends and doesn't know what an emo actually is *cough*


2007-11-11 22:15:23

You're now gay for me.

IThinkImDrunk responds:

Oh ok then =)